Ethics Committee


The ethics committee of the department 7.3. “Empirical Human Sciences” at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities was established at RWTH in November 2018.

Upon application, the committee evaluates empirical projects and comments on the ethical acceptability of the aims and procedures of a research project to be carried out in the "Empirical Human Sciences" department of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at RWTH Aachen University.

The application form and sample text modules for processing are available for download here.

In terms of content, the Commission assesses empirical but non-clinical projects in terms of scientific ethics, taking into account the Declaration of Helsinki.

You will find further information in the ethic committee’s statute of 4 November 2019.

Member of the ethics committee:

Prof. Dr. Katrin Arning
Prof. Dr. Iring Koch (vice chairman)
Prof. Dr. Tim Unger
Prof. Dr. Martina Ziefle (chairwoman)
Research assistants
Isabell Schiller
Selma Haupt
Joanna Schauermann
Ben Schultz