The Application


The Classic Written Application

When you apply for a position, whether it be an internship or a job, you should always make sure you maintain the formal application standards. Applications, that do not adhere to these standards, are directly rejected during the first selection period, without any attention given to their content.

Content of the Application Portfolio

Your application portfolio must contain the following:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Photo
  • Copies of your diplomas (university entrance qualification certificate, vocational training certificate, Abitur certificate)
  • Copies of internship certificates and job certificates
  • Other certificates (e.g. for relevant additional skills)

Your application can also contain these additional materials:

  • Cover page (with photo and address)
  • A "third page
  • Additional recommendation letters or references (e.g. from a professor)
  • List of publications
  • Copies of sample work

You can download a letter from the internship officer explaining that there are not any remaining midterm exams or Vordiploms here. You can include this letter with your application in either print form or as a PDF file.

Sending the Application

  • Use special application portfolios
  • Clear protective covers should be avoided.
  • Place your application letter loose in the portfolio.
  • Use new portfolios; they should show no sign of use or wear and tear.
  • A large envelope; applications should never be folded

Other Types of Application

  • Telephone application
  • Online application
  • Brief application
  • Unsolicited application