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Referentin Studiendekanat, Karriere- und Praxisservice


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Internships increase the chance for a successful start to a career. They offer initial professional orientation and the possibility to gather career experience and establish contact with potential employers.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities Career and Internship Service

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities Career and Internship Service supports students with the search for internship placements in business and public institutions.

We offer:

  • Advising for students when searching for internship placements
  • Supervision for internship reports
  • Organization and supervision of visits to business and public institutions
  • Organization and supervision of presentations and seminars for professional orientation
  • Advising to aid with career-orientation

Bachelor students in our faculty are required to complete a career-orienting internship, as stated in the exam regulation.

To have the internship recognized by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, you must submit the following documents to the Internship Officer:

  • An internship report
  • Detailed documentation of internship from the internship provider

Before you receive your slip of recognition, we check the participation list to see if you attended the event series "Career Prospects for Humanities Scholars" at least four times.

Mailing List

In order to received spontaneous information about internship openings and career-orienting and preparatory events, join the mailing list.

If you have questions, please contact our Internship Officer.