Information for Internship Providers

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The Faculty of Arts and Humanities educates young researchers, who are prepared to face the social and cultural challenges of our time.

The respective technical knowledge is not only necessary to be prepared but also different transferable skills, which our students and graduates possess to a special degree.



These skills include cognitive skills:

  • Abstract thinking
  • Finding strategies for solving problems
  • Applying theoretical concepts
  • Ability to reflect

Communication skills are emphasied in the linguistic courses of study more than in any other discipline:

  • Above average oral and written ability to express oneself
  • Ability to compose tests and prepare and present topics appropriate for the target group and medium
  • Abiilty to appropriately respond in dialogues and discussions

Various methodological skills are also acquired:

  • Collecting and analyzing data using statistical processes
  • Ability to analyze
  • Preparation of academic explanatory models
  • Methods for researching and processing information

Our students acquire argumentation and criticism skills to a great degree:

  • logical, technical argumentation and criticism
  • exercising appropriate criticism
  • accepting appropriate criticism and productively processing it

Our students frequently distinguish themselves through the following traits:

  • Independence
  • Preparedness to assume responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Initiative

Humanities and social science scholars possess above average general education.

If you are interested in having our students as interns or employing our graduates, please contact the Head of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Career and Internship Service.