The Faculty of Arts and Humanities has twelve labs and ten specialized libraries. With the EXPERIENCE research lab and knowledge infrastructure, the faculty will in future combine all its labs and libraries in a virtual network in order to pool its bundle resources and enhance synergies. We see our libraries, archives and labs as spaces for intellectual agility and experimentation, serving the production of knowledge.


The DigiSimuLab

The DigiSimuLab was established in 2020. The aim of the project is to make the diversity of methods of the faculty accessible to students, enabling them to further develop their methodological skills on their own.

During their studies, students are familiarized with various methods, but do not always have the opportunity actively to apply them. For this reason, the DigiSimuLab aims to provide a platform that enables students to try out various methods in simulations.

The Labs of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

  • CSS Lab – Computational Science Studies Lab
    Head: Professor Gabriele Gramelsberger
  • DigiSimuLab – Experiencing Research: Digital Simulation as a Teaching Concept
    Head: Prof. Stella Neumann, Prof. Sven Kommer
  • Experimental Psy<chology Labs – Cognitive and und Experimental Psychology, Personnel and Organizational Psychology, Work and Engineering Psychology, Health Psychology
    Heads: Professors Iring Koch, Bettina Wiese, Sabine Schlittmeier, Viktoria Arling
  • Eye-Tracking Lab – English Linguistics Research Lab 
    Head: Professor Stella Neumann
  • HRI Lab – Research Lab Human–Robot Interaction
    Head: Prof. Astrid Rosenthal-von der Pütten
  • Human-Computer Interaction Center – Human-Computer Interaction Research Labs
    Heads: Professors Eva Jakobs and Martina Ziefle
  • Cognitive Literary Studies – Reading Research Lab
    Head: Professor Jan Alber
  • Language Learning and Processing Lab Facility – English Linguistics Research Lab 
    Head: PD Dr. Elma Kerz
  • Natural Media Lab – Motion-Capture Based Gestures Research Lab
    Leitung: Professor Irene Mittelberg
  • Media Pedagogical Laboratory – Computer Training Center
    Head: Professors Tim Unger and Sven Kommer
  • Philological Lab at the ISK – Empirical Language Research
    Head: Professor Christian Efing