Promoting Young Talent

Promoting young academics is a central strategic activity of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Our aim is to prepare young academics for a career within and outside the university sector and to attract academic talent to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

For this reason, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities has established its own Young Academics Program as well as a Young Academics Forum.

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Academic Careers

The goal of an academic career is usually a professorship. These days, various career paths have emerged in addition to the traditional one - doctorate, habilitation, professorship appointment.

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities supports these diverse career paths by establishing junior professorships and tenure-track professorships, as well as by assisting the faculty's junior doctoral students in obtaining junior research groups.

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Doctoral Studies

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities offers a structured doctoral program which, in addition to the subject-specific doctorate, also includes a research-oriented qualification at the Center for Doctoral Studies.

It awards the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, in short: Dr. phil.

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The Faculty of Arts and Humanities offers habilitation in the disciplines represented at the Faculty.
The habilitation confers a teaching qualification in a scientific subject as part of an academic examination procedure.

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