Human Technology Center

The Human Technology Center HumTec views itself as a platform to integrate natural, technical and life sciences as well as humanities, social and spatial sciences in an interdisciplinary way and to open a new chapter of convergent research. HumTec makes a key contribution to RWTH, helping it to be an integrated interdisciplinary technical University.

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Cultures of Research

The Käte Hamburger Center for Advanced Studies "Cultures of Research" is an interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Studies funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Each year, it appoints ten international fellows from the humanities and social sciences, the natural and technical sciences, and art and art history to Aachen. The goal is to jointly explore the current transformations of science and technology in the face of complex challenges such as climate change, sustainability or even participation, to analyze their socio-cultural interactions as well as their feedback on the logics and practices of research.

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Human-Computer Interaction Center

At the Human-Computer Interaction Center, or HCI Center for short, an interdisciplinary group of researchers is working on the topics of human-computer interaction, usability, risk communication, and technology acceptance.

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ACCELS - Aachen Center for Cognitive and Empirical Literary Studies

ACCELS, the Aachen Center for Cognitive and Empirical Literary Studies, is an initiative of the Institute for English Studies. It is dedicated to the empirical study of literary reception processes among readers. In particular, the complex interaction of cognitive and emotional factors of comprehension as well as the relationship between general mental dispositions and culture-specific meanings can be studied using the example of literary reception.

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SignGes - Competence Center for Sign Language and Gestures

SignGes has been conducting research in the field of sign language at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities for more than 20 years. SignGes is involved in various study programs within RWTH Aachen University and offers, among other things, sign language courses for students and block seminars in the field of schools and inclusion for student teachers. The work of SignGes is based on application-oriented research as well as basic research on sign language, gestures and on overarching aspects of diversity.

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LaBeCo – Language Behaviour in Context

LaBeCo, the research initiative Language Behavior in Context, connects 17 institutes and professorships of RWTH Aachen University from four faculties under the linguistic leadership of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. The goal is to research language behavior in technical and non-technical contexts. How do technical media change our use of language? How can this changed language use be traced in the further development of language? What new socio-grammatical constellations are emerging?

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